घुटनों के बल रेंग रेंग  कर  कब पैरों पर खड़ा हुआ, तेरी ममता की छाॅओं में जाने कब मैं बड़ा हुआ ,
काला टीका, दूध मलाई  अभी सब कुछ वैसा है , तू ही तू बस दिखती है मुझको प्यार यह तेरा कैसा है ,
सीधा साधा भोला भाला तेरा ही मैं बच्चा हूॅ, कितना भी बढ़ जाऊं मै माँ  पर आज भी तेरा बच्चा हूॅ । ✨✨
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Valentine's day special !!

Valentine's day special ✨✨✨ you are my love , you are my life . you are the one , who gave me smile.
you are my future , you are my past . your heart's rhythm divine , that will never last .
you are my soul ,  you are my heart . your soothing voice , with which my life start .
you are my hero , different from other . you are non other than , my beautiful lovely Mother . ✨✨


Mother's 💓 heart
A mother's Heart 💓 is a key .. the key to motherhood.
A mother's heart is a ribbon.. that ties our future together.
A mother's heart is a meal.. that satisfies our hunger.
A mother's beat is soul.. that put rhythm in our soul.
A mother's care is an ocean.. that waves us as we go by.

love you dear mom !!

mute mode सी जिदंगी !!

mute mode सी जिंदगी ! ✨✨ शराबी ख्वाबों की खुशबु, हकीकत में कभी ये समाती नहीं ।  silence में भी  बहुत कुछ समझ लेता हूँ , ये जिंदगी सब कुछ बताती नहीं ।
किए है जो भी मुक्कमल  मेरी किस्मत नें इस कदर,  थोडी सी तो ठहर जा ए जिंदगी..  मुझे प्रेम के सिवा  कोई और भाषा आती नहीं ।

life is all about of experience !! 🤗🙂🤗

my dad !

MY DAD                                            ✨✨
 My dad so loving, so kind  his presence is very great and divine. when he is there everything gets fine, and all needs of mine he keeps in mind. under his shade I feel protected all I need is his blessings care, guidance and thinking. I thank him for working me so smart. Thanks God ! because I love you after my DAD !! 🎈🎈

✨✨✨ Love you my dear Dad !

my dream faded away !!

My dream faded away  

My dream of life faded away,  into the light of a common day. I became bewildered and  it chafes me night and day.
I squatted at one corner of my room,  with no rays of hope and bloom. This hellish life smites me back  and brought holocaust accompanied  with..  sarcastic witticism aback.
Gradually, it reveals a new realm  of thought and beauty but nowhere to go,  oh! It's so pity .
I think this pitiless fate  had barred my way. oopss ! time has gone ,  and will be useless now to utter the bitter words of past days.

Now, I lost my capacity  to comprehend, the expression and emotion  of this merciless life.
Just now I'm all alone,  with my fear and emotion , kept close beside me
to haunt all night & day.

because of my brimful evil deeds and ego,  I myself don't want to let them go away. So, don't wake me up  and carry back to my home.
It's my only wish ,  just leave me alone. And, I have to wait now  untill all my pain and anguish has gone.

ए दिल ..

शोर ना कर ए दिल ,
मन रो रहा है ।
प्यार ना कर ए दिल ,
सुख खो रहा है ।

अपनी  ऊँगलीयों से मुझे
छुकर मुझे महसुस ना कर ए दिल ,
तेरी खुद की धड़कऩ
खामोश हो रहा है ।